Brew Tips

Step Mashing, Unveiling the Artistry in Brewing

Step Mashing

Ah, the dance of step mashing – a nuanced technique that unveils the full spectrum of flavors and characteristics hidden within the grains. Let us embark on a journey into the world of step mashing, exploring its essence, the reasons for its embrace, and the enchanting rests that define this brewing dance. 🍺 Step Mashing … Read more

Make Your Ultimate Home Brewery

Building Ultimate Home Brewery

Ah, noble brewmaster, prepare thyself for the grand adventure of building thy own ultimate home brewery! As we embark on this merry journey, we shall unveil the essential equipment needed, outline the sacred space to be dedicated to brewing mirth, and provide thee with an indispensable equipment checklist. 🍺 The Hallowed Space: Designing Your Brewery … Read more

Don’t Panic – Beer is very forgiving

Beer Brewing Tips

Many of us have at times started to panic a bit. Don’t panic—beer is very forgiving. Learn to relax—more beer is spoiled by first time brewers continually mucking aound with the beer than by accidental infection or other causes. The common causes of panic I pitched my yeast 3 days ago and the airlock still isn’t bubbling! … Read more

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Sanitizing a beer vat

Infections The bane of the brewer is infection, of a whole batch or just a bottle or two. They will happen to every brewer, but can definitely be minimised by cleaning and sanitising. Cleaning agents and equipment Bottle brushThe nylon bristles degrade with immersion in hot water, so wash your bottles in cold water. Bottle … Read more

Your Guide to Seasonal Beer Brewing

Seasonal Beer Brewing

We don’t all have temperature-controlled rooms but we all go through the huge seasonal variations in weather! This document attempts to review the strategies we can use in each season to produce optimum beer. You should also read the “Yeast and Fermentation Management” document for more detail in making clear, clean, tasty beers. This document … Read more

How to Get Rid of that Homebrew Taste!

Homebrew Taste

Ever have someone say “Oh no! Thank you!” on being offered a glass of your tasty amber fluid? That person very likely has had some bad experiences drinking homebrew. So, how to make homebrew that tastes of beer and not “homebrew”? Get rid of sucrose! A kilo of sucrose (table sugar, caster sugar etc) added … Read more